Our Sultanate of Sulu & Sabah reached the crossroad of our aspirations and goals that will be our foundations for a strong and fulfilling Sultanate and society. We live in a modern world where advance technology and global information and market forces ruled our everyday life. But we can strike a balance wherein our arts and culture and our customs and traditions can be upheld while embracing modernity in our society. Thus, primarily, we are desirous of strengthening the backbones and fabric of our Sultanate through peace and order, better social and economic developments and peace and prosperity for us all.


1. To revive the spiritual well-being and to strengthen the arts and culture, customs and traditions of our people and make sure our Tausug language will flourish that made us unique as an Unconquered Kingdom for centuries.

2. To attain our goals of a new dimension for our people founded on peace and prosperity for all.

3. To pursue the truth there is “only one crown and throne” of Sulu and Sabah, and that the deception of our people and the outside world by false sultans must end, as the good people of the Sultanate have rejected these impostors and self-appointed sultans, who have no right to claim the rank and title of Sultan since they did not and could not fulfill the Law of Succession of the Royal House of Sulu and Sabah that only the sons and male heirs of the ruling Sultan must ascend the throne.

4. To continue our move to press for the ending of the Malaysian illegal occupation of Sabah and that we persist to realize the return of Sabah as a property owned by the people of the Sultanate of Sulu. The Sabah sovereignty was transferred in 1962 by the Sultanate of Sulu to the Republic of the Philippines but it is our understanding that if within 30 years of the Philippines owning the said Sabah sovereignty and the Philippines failed to recover Sabah from the illegal occupation of Malaysia that the said Sabah sovereignty will revert back to the Sultanate of Sulu.

5. To ask Malaysia to either increase the US$1,500 yearly rent paid by Malaysia on our Sabah property to be based on today’s Sabah market commercial valuation i.e. 10% of the Sabah annual gross domestic product (GDP) of USD30 Billion and/ or a “joint administration” with the Malaysian government or with all the Royal Sultans of the Federation of Malaysia as our joint venture partner to administer and manage Sabah, with all sides agreeing that all incomes, police, military and courts of law are split co-equally between Malaysia and/or the Malaysian Royal Houses headed by His Majesty, The Sultan Agong and the Sultanate of Sulu. This is similar to the joint administration of France and England on Vanuatu for many years in the past. Any amount to be earned by the Sultanate of Sulu will be used for the needs of our people in Sulu, Tawi- Tawi, Basilan, Palawan and Zamboanga for schools, hospitals and medicines, housing, water supply, electricity and power plants, and assistance to the poor, the weak and underprivileged in our midst.

6. Support for the government of H.E. President Benigno Simeon Aquino III, and sincere aspirations and embrace of the peace and order initiatives in Mindanao and Sultanate of Sulu, with our fervent wish for the full implementation of the 1996 Peace Treaty between the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and the Philippines will be realized as the cornerstone of peace and prosperity in Mindanao.

7. Seek the approval of H.E. President Benigno Simeon Aquino III to declare the Sultanate of Sulu or parts of the Sultanate of Sulu, a Free Port Zone or Special Economic Zone, so that local and foreign manufacturers and fabricators can produce their goods and service in our Sultanate, that will create employment, lift living standards and establishment of infrastructures such as power plants, water supply systems, telecommunications, roads, bridges and other infrastructures.

8. To work for peace and prosperity for our beloved Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah, for Mindanao and the region and to uplift economic developments of our industry e.g. carrageenan or seaweed, copra, coffee, fishing, farming, abaca, tourism, resort hotel developments, oil and gas exploration and others.

9. To enhance, foster and develop long lasting bond of friendship, mutual cooperation and links with the Philippine government and others to assist us reach our goals of a better society centered on peace, harmony, stability with social and economic developments needed by our people.

10. To reject terrorism and other extremist fanaticism in our Sultanate and in Mindanao that will destroy our way of life and others and to support and augment all works and efforts toward peace and economic prosperity in our beloved Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah and the Philippines.


Eid Mubarak

Dear Friends and The Royal Hashemite members and Families

Eid-ul-Fitri Mubarak to you and your family,

I pray that Allah accepts your good deeds during the holy month of Ramadan, grants many blessings upon you and your family, and makes this Eid ul Fitr a joyous occasion for you and your loved ones.

Kullu Aamin Wa antum bi khairin

Warm Regards,

Datuk Sir MYR Agung Sidayu,KRSSS

The Royal Hashemite Representative
to Indonesia and Timor Leste


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Datuk Sir MYR Agung Sidayu