Representatives appointment

The Royal Hashemite Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah Cultural Embassy in Indonesia, appointed 37 other Representatives of the Cultural Ambassador in 37 Districts and Municipalities in East Java province, the appointment effective today October 5, 2011. The appointed representatives are :
1. Mr. Priyono for the District of Madiun
2. Mr. Herdi Sutoyo for the Municipality of Madiun
3. Mr. Nanang Adi Wijaya for the District of Ponorogo
4. Mr. Zaenal Fananifor the District of Ngawi
5. Mr. Anton Setyanto , SE for the District of Magetan
6. Mr. Supriyanto for the District of Pacitan
7. Mr. Agus Eko Setyawan SE for the District of Bojonegoro
8. Mr. Anshor Khuddamar Rochman for the District Lamongan
9. Mr. Ir.Halim for the Municapility of Surabaya
10. Mr. Wahidin for the District of Sidoarjo
11. Mr. Rian Oktanto,SE for the District Gresik
12. Mr. Ahmad Syafrudin for the District Mojokerto
13. Mr. Fathoni Arief Wijaya ST for the Municipality of Mojokerto
14. Mr. Suryadi for the District of Jombang
15. Mr. Moch.Agus Winarno S Psi for the District of Malang
16. Mr. Eka Prasetyandani for the Municipality of Malang
17. Mr. Dian Setya Irawan for the Minicipality of Batu
18. Mr. Heri Setyawan for the District of Pasuruan
19. Mr. Khoiru Sholeh , ST for the Municipality of Pasuruan
20. Mr. Abbasi SE for the District of Probolinggo
21. Mr. M Syamsul Ma`arif for the Municipality of Probolinggo
22. Mr. Santo for the dictrict of Lumajang
23. Mr. Sahrul Hariyadi or the District of Bangkalan
24. Mr. Karsono Wijoyo for the District of Sampang
25. Mr. Akhmad Sirojudin ST for the District of Pamekasan
26. Mr. Mursidi for the District of Sumenep
27. Mr. Wongo Omegalo ,ST for the District of Kediri
28. Mr. Heri Susanto for the Municipality of Kediri
29. Mr. Sunengkofor the district of Nganjuk
30. Mr. Sigit Sunu Widodo SE for the District of Blitar
31. Mr. Syaiful Bahri Sp for the Municipality of Blitar
32. Mr. Irvan Suryana for the District of Tulung Agung
33. Mr. Trikasihan ST for the district of Trenggalek
34. Mr. Nonos Daryana for the district of Banyuwangi
35. Mr. Nugroho Ari Susanto for the District Jember
36. Mr. Abdul Haris for the District of Bondowoso
37. Mr. Eklas Subakti for the district of Situbondo

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