HrH Prince Omar Kiram comment

MANILA, Philippines — Malaysia’s meddling “claiming’ parts of the Philippine’s Kalayaan Island Group (KIG) is part of, borrowing from former MNLF and ARMM Governor Nur Misuari, the growing neo-colonialist mood & designs of said country. Misuari’s revelation was in reaction to the intemperate participation of Malaysia in the “peace talks” between the GRP & MILF, to include, manifold back channel efforts in preventing the AFP, many times, finally overrunning secessionist camp/s, to hosting & expediting the rejected MOA-AD signing & approval, to the interested advocacy for Philippine adoption of a Federal Government during Charter-Change debates.

Said neo-colonialist contemplation is apparent at many levels e.g. recent leaders internationally standing-up against Western voices; to training nationals as future astronauts under the Russian program in exchange for patronizing the latter’s military hardware; to cartoons and kids programs viewed in Asia via Disney Channel in Bahasa etc. The most obvious projection of increasing geo-political role over the entire South-East Asia, validated by covertly sponsored cross-border conflicts with many neighboring countries. Malaysian hegemony of more than 1,000 hectares coerced from the small kingdom of Brunei, while Sultan Bolkiah is disquiet over the possible entry of subversives under the pay of Kuala Lumpur creating future trouble for the monarchy; Thailand besieged by an insurgency of Muslim/Malay separatists in 3 Southernmost provinces of Pattawi, Narahiwat, Yala, & 5 districts in Songkhala (sound familiar?); Indonesia in a diplomatic & almost naval shooting war with Malaysia (Aug 13, 2010) over 2 islands of Sipadan & Ligitan East coast of Borneo, and Ambalat, a sea bed in Celebes Sea rich in crude oil; and the Philippines, with Malaysia god-father of the MNLF once, and later the MILF separatist group in Southern Mindanao. With great appreciation for a true ally, Indonesia has supported the side of the Philippines since the time of Sukarno, in several territorial disputes with Malaysia over Sabah and the Kalayaan Islands.

Malaysia’s adventurism into the Philippines’ Kalayaan Islands is due to geographical occupation of another of our territory “Sabah” proximate to said Islands. This is best explained by Prince Omar Kiram (in behalf of Sultan Fuad Kiram I of Sulu & Sabah), “that the Spratly Islands owned by the Royal Sultanate of Sulu since 1405, is recognized by China via a ‘most favored nation treaty’ with Sulu in 1417. Malaysia has no right to claim the Spratly Islands because its stay in Sabah is illegal, and Sabah is owned by the Royal Sultanate of Sulu. It is sad many of our politicians show their patriotism by giving away parts of the Philippines like Spratlys & Sabah to other nations like Malaysia. This strengthens persistent rumors many national politicians and government officials are under Malaysian pay.”

Note, Philippine Sabah validates our territorial ownership over the KIG. Such windfall of lands rich in resources added to our sovereign archipelago, impresses upon present & future leaders, the return of Sabah. In the meantime, required legislation must be proposed & passed for a national endowment “perhaps for life” as an expression of gratitude appropriate the Kiram Family for remaining as Filipino nationals; & for gifting the Republic with an expanded domain. On another plain, school instruction, cartographic maps, TV weather news, to shirts in fad emblazoned with an amputated Philippine archipelago, must now include Sabah, as well.


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