President Marcos (2)


by HRH Prince Omar Kiram

Of all the Philippine presidents only President Ferdinand E. Marcos had the courage and bravery to recover Sabah from the illegal occupation of our Sabah property as from 1963 to this day against Malaysia.  All the presidents of the Philippines after President Marcos became subservient to Malaysia and forgot about the Sabah claim of the Royal Sultanate of Sulu and the Philippines – up to now.

As you know Sabah and Palawan were gifts eternal by the Brunei Sultan to his cousin the Sulu Sultan in 1658 in exchange for successful military assistance by the Sultan of Sulu to quell massive revolt in Brunei that installed the true Brunei Sultan to the Brunei throne.  On 12 September 1962 His Majesty Sultan Muhammad Esmail E. Kiram I (Sultan of Sulu & Sabah 1947 to 1973) transferred the sovereignty of Sabah from the Royal Sultanate of Sulu to the Philippines.  Making the Filipinos co-owners of Sabah with the Tausugs of Sulu.

 Thus Spratly Islands Group being only 163 miles away from Palawan and owned by the Sulu Sultan since 1658 also now owned by the Philippines.

What is worst PNoy even made Malaysia peace broker while Malaysia still remained illegal occupier of our Sabah property and brutally treated and violated human rights of Filipinos in Sabah – our own land.  Making Malaysia peace broker between Philippines and MILF peace talks is like allowing the Malaysian Dracula to be the security guard in our Philippine blood bank.

Is the rumor that Malaysia pays hundreds of millions of dollars a year to Philippine crooked officials so that they will be silent on the Sabah recovery matter – true?

 So we say let us recover our Sabah property now occupied by Malaysia as Malaysia uses its wealth illegally like the one million barrels of oil per day pumped in Sabah thus making Malaysia able to bankroll, to pay, arm, train and fund MILF and other rebel groups so that Filipinos cannot recover Sabah while violence and killing in Mindanao occur as a result of Malaysian interference in Muslim Mindanao.

 In this context we regard President Marcos a great figure of the Filipino nation.  This is our sentiment.


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