BaronessAnne de Bretagne 7:34am Aug 30


By one of the unsung heroes of Operation Merdeka, the Philippine attempt to recover Sabah in 1968

On Operation Merdeka or the failed invasion of Sabah in 1968, one of the junior naval officers involved in the covert operation to recover Sabah, Sir Datuk Ted Calasanz, who is also one of the founders and Admins of Sabah Claim Society had this to say:

“So many of our countrymen paid the supreme sacrifice for this land which really belongs to us. They are all unsung heroes as their exploits cannot be written about nor honors bestowed upon them. I cannot help but feel emotional whenever I think of Sabah and our unsung heroes. It is doubly painful to hear some people dismiss the claim or say it is an impossible dream and just let it be. We owe it to our ancestors, our heroes and most of all to ourselves to continue this quest, whatever the odds may be.”


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