The Sub State and the Sultanate

Everyone may agree or reject  the outcome of negotiations (Peace talk)  between the Government and the MILF, particularly  in associated with  the sub-state for Mindanao. but this does not mean that Malaysia even the Government of Philippine can stop the spirit of struggle of the Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah to take over Sabah from Malaysia because of their  historical heritage and the legally rights of the Tausug People.

Filipino Islamic Ummah in the south have the ARMM as  experience ( A lesson learned) which is still up to date , and its was  the result of negotiations among the Muslim fighters and  the past administration. Are there significant benefits perceived by the Islamic Ummah. Every bodies knows the answer of course. If indeed there is a sub- state that may be interpreted as a follow up something that has not been implemented in the ARMM or just buying time to make cooling down of the MILF  fighters. The Philippine leaders  will not remain silent to let the President breaking  the unity of the nation.

But if all that happens, then this will be a positive factor for the Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah for its struggle to take over Sabah and the Sultanate of  Sulu and Sabah full (Genuine) autonomy. so nothing to  lose for the Sultanate and the Tausug People. This is what GOD Almighty mentioned “God none of you made that bring no benefits” ( Robbana Ma kholaqta Haadha batatilan) so lets be positive thinking fighters ( Datuk Sir MYR Agung Sidayu, The Royal Cultural Representative to Indonesia and Timor Leste)


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