BaronessAnne de Bretagne 10:58pm Aug 29
The speech by the Speaker of Malaysia Parliament was delivered before ARMM some 10 months ago in which he said:

“With the achievement of a peace settlement in the Southern Philippines, the region will be able to divert its attention and resources to development. Development will thus bring growth, progress, reduce poverty, improve access to education and increase the standard of living.

“I am pleased that Malaysia has been retained as the Third Party Facilitator in the peace talks between the GRP and the MILF. Malaysia is looking forward to working closely with the GRP and MILF Peace Panels in order to facilitate the achievement of a just and lasting peace settlement between the GRP and the MILF.”

Ja, ja, ja! Get out of Sabah you bleeding jerks and we will see development across the board. And ja, ja, ja again! Who the hell are you trying to fool with your so-called peace talks mediation?

Parliament of Malaysia

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