KOTA KINABALU: Is Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein oblivious to fact that the police have already concluded a ‘thorough’ investigation into self-proclaimed Sulu Sultan Mohd Akjan Ali Mohamad and are awaiting the Attorney-General’s directive on the matter?

This is the question posed by an ex-senator who warned that Sabah is well on its way to being fully colonised by Peninsular Malaysia.

Dr Chong Eng Leong said the only way for the state to keep intact its sovereignty within Malaysia is to vote for change in the next general election.

Chong said he came to this conclusion after Hishammuddin ordered the police to “thoroughly and seriously” investigate the citizenship of Akjan, a former Umno member who created waves in Sabah with his self-proclaimation.

The former PBS leader, who is now a Sabah PKR leader, said Hishammuddin’s statement could only mean that the recently concluded police investigation on Akjan was ‘neither thorough nor serious.’
“Surely our Home Minister has not forgotten that the police had completed the probe and had submitted the investigation papers to the A-G chamber for a decision.”

Chong also reminded Hishammuddin that Akjan was an ex-ISA detainee who was held for activities related to issuance of ‘ICs’ to foreigners in Sabah and that the police must already have all the facts concerning him.

He however expressed doubt the police would “thoroughly investigate” Akjan’s case given the fact that the federal government refusal, until today, to admit to the existence of the infamous ‘Project IC’.

The so-called ‘project’ is widely believed to have been engineered by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad back in the 90s, with the chief aim of altering the demography of Sabah to oust the Christian-dominated PBS state government at that time.

Criminal act

Lurid tales of thousands of homeless and stateless children in Sabah, many of them drug addicts, have been published by the international press without much comment from the federal authorities.

Most believe that acknowledging that there are such destitute children living of the streets in Kota Kinabalu would force the government to admit that a criminal act had been committed.

“Already there are more than 600,000 foreigners in Sabah having possession of such ICs today and they claim Sabah native status,” said Chong.

“How many times does the federal government need to be told that Sabah’s security and sovereignty within Malaysia is at stake, a time-bomb ready to explode any moment?”
Chong pointed out that there was strong circumstantial evidence that Akjan’s claim that he is a bona fide Malaysian is false.

He noted that online news portal Sabahkini had reported in February that Akjan was born in Jambangan, Nipah-Nipah, in Philippines, on Nov 23, 1957 and a few individuals have also testified against his citizenship claim.

However Akjan’s Malaysian IC states that he was born on July 7, 1957 and he claimed that he was born in Kg Limau-Limauan, Kudat.


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